Switch Café, HIConnect 2014

Connecting Wine and Coffee


  • Hotel Café, Competition, Concept


  • Interior Design
  • Pulse by Gettys
  • Branding

PULSE by Gettys and the Gettys Branding team partnered with WineEmotion to create an energetic café and wine bar concept for HI Connect 2014.



The team created Switch Café, a fusion vignette that would transform from café to wine bar with one minute’s notice. We furnished the space with three 12 ft. raw edge walnut tables, and included self-dispensing Nespresso machines, as well as the WineEmotion wine dispensing system. We heightened the experience by inviting Emmy-nominated performers to the live music stage, creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation, socializing or quick business meetings.

Our concept of a ‘highly flexible’ brand experience extended even further beyond our modular bar. We fully realized the new brand concept through printed and digital graphics, menus, lighting art and uniform designs that changed to suit the time of day. We also created an identity for the space, along with menu and packaging design. The successful Switch Café booth took top honors at the HI Connect Design People’s Choice Awards.


  • People’s Choice Awards, Best Overall Vignette